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black storm shelter



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Our inground storm shelters offer total protection from the elements during a tornado or other severe weather. Built entirely of steel, these shelters are completely underground, with stairs and a heavy-duty access door to ground level. Available for residential and commercial use in the size of your choice, these shelters are a popular choice for those living in tornado alley.

Specifications: All-steel, 8 ft. x 40 ft.


Deep earth bunkers are fortified shelters that bear more resemblance to an underground condominium than they do a storm shelter. These shelters are purchased for a number of reasons, from severe weather to national security uncertainty. A variety of sizes and finish outs are available.


Our above-ground safe rooms can be added to virtually any new or existing residential or commercial structure. Built entirely of steel, they are designed to withstand strong winds and flying debris during tornadoes or other severe storms. Our safe rooms can be built to the specifications of your choice, as large or small as you need them to be.

Specifications: All-steel, 5 ft. x 8 ft.

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